December and January Reminders

Congratulations to Jane Chesnut on winning the People's Choice Award for her piece in the Fall Show.

Lincoln Artists Guild Members… 

1. MEETINGS: We do not have monthly meetings in December or January. The regular monthly meeting will resume staring February 7th, 2017 from 7pm to 9pm.  Regular program meetings are held the 1st Tuesday, from 7pm to 9pm. Meetings are held at the Capital City Christian Church, 7800 Holdrege Street Lincoln, Ne. 68505.

2. THIRD FRIDAY RECEPTION DEC. 16th at Out of the Box          
Bring small items only for the evenings of Friday, Dec. 16th.  ALL items must be taken home at the end of the night. This sale is on Friday night only. We are going to have a few specialty tables during the Third Friday reception, Dec. 16th from 5 to 8pm. Bring small items only that night and please note: at the end of the evening all items must go home with you!!. Myra or Jody will take care of the money, but you will be in charge of displaying & selling your work, which means you will need to stay for the evening.  If you have to leave early, your items will need to go home early with you. 
This is a ONE evening sale ONLY, no items are to be left. BEFORE YOU COME PLEASE if possible have an inventory sheet filled out ahead of time and check off items when they sell. LEAVE the inventory sheet in the blue book with your name at Out of the Box for Jody’s records to receive payment. If you are selling small table top size paintings, YOU must furnish your own table top easel. Painting size limit is NO LARGER THAN 8×10. None of the paintings will be hung on the walls, hence table top size.  We had some good sales last year, plus it makes the gallery feel very festive, please come join in the fun.  Hope to see you !!

3. DINNERJANUARY 21,2017 CHINESE NEW YEAR DINNER: Mark your calendar for our celebration of the New Year, instead of a Christmas Party, at Imperial Palace on 27th and Vine Street. We will have the election of new officers, door prizes and a gift exchange–$15 limit. Dinner will be $12 each, with family style Chinese food at the Imperial Palace on 27th and Vine Street. Please bring your spouse or special friend, and get to know your fellow artists. Also, remember to bring your self-portrait—should be exciting matching the portraits to the members. SEE YOU THERE!!