2016 Spring Show Results

Thank you to all those who entered the 2016 LAG Spring Show -- it's a fabulous looking collection! Thanks also to our judge, Jim Miklavcic, and our volunteers -- Wanda Medina, Will Rennick, Donna Pozehl, Julie A. Childers, and Rafael Garcia. The winners are as follows.

Best of Show: Donna Pozehl, "Treasure Hunt"

Merit Award: Carmela Sanchez, "Native Scholar"; Joyce Jacobs, The Barn"; Reida Wrenholt, "Deep Thoughts"

Honor Award: Wanda Medina, "Spring Day at the Park"; Joyce Jacobs, "Stalking His Prey"; Janet M. Fraley, "Unusual Space"

Each entry has a critique, which can be found taped to the back of your piece. The show will run through May 31. Our judge, Jim Miklavcic, will be at the May Fourth Friday, May 27, so be sure to come and chat with him! Thank you again to all those who entered and volunteered!