July LAG Events

LAG Tuesday, July 5th Program: 3D Metal Arts with Susan Woodford
7800 Holdrege St, Lincoln, NE (come in West doors)
7:00-9:00 p.m.
Bring a Friend! 

During the July program, Susan Woodford plans to discuss plaster molds, and taking a 3d image, converting it into a mold, then sculpting from the mold. We will discuss material usage as well as application, and she will bring plaster casts to discuss. 

Susan Woodford Artist Bio/Statement
My choice of medium, welded sculpture, and profession in a male dominated field is not a political statement.  In University I found it cosmic to have the ability to emphasize in 3D Metal Arts, as my fondest childhood memories were times with my Godfather in his metal shop.  From his training, I started with steel exterior sculptures which I design, plasma cut, mig weld, grind, and finish myself; using suspended metal finishes.  The designs entail a feminine flowing aspect, a masculine grounding force, and hand painted kilned glass reflecting the God element in every relationship.  During my apprenticeship I learned oxy-acetaline welding, and my portfolio is most diverse in the copper figurative sculptures.

My copper series are diverse, with the commonality of uses of  molds of my own body.  I use templates of myself as I am exploring what my beliefs of who the modern woman is, and who she should be.  The roles of the modern woman are very complex, and I have always been one that needs to know how or why things are, more than the rule or law itself.  Therefore, what seems uncomplicated to those whom are able to assimilate without investigation, is complex and confusing to me until I understand the "why".  As my understanding of what type of female: artist, lover, spiritual being… roles change over time, my literal body of work is also changing.  As views mature, and politics broaden, the subject matter matures, and the physical sculptures unfortunately broaden, as well.   The wabi-sabi principle of decay is celebrated within my portfolio in multiple layers.  Home

LAG Fourth Friday Opening & Reception at Out of the Box, 366 N 48th St., lower level
5:00 - 8:00 P.M. FREE, ALL-AGES EVENT! Join us for refreshments, wine, and music. There are more than 100 pieces of art on display, and many of the artists will be on hand to discuss their works. Featured artist: Carmela Sanchez. Music: August Moon