June LAG Events

Join us on Tuesday, June 7, 7:00 - 9:00 P.M. at Capitol City Christian Church (7800 Holdrege St., west entrance) for the Lincoln Artists' Guild Monthly Program. After a few short announcements, we will have a presentation led by Julie Lemons: "Splish, Splash Fun!"  Great way to loosen up your brushes! Things you’ll need to bring or you may choose to just watch and take notes…

Watercolor board or paper
Artist tape/painters blue tape
Masking fluid/rubber cement
Masking brush, one you do not care if it gets ruined
2 Small buckets or bowls
Wear older clothes
Hard board or heavy cardboard to attach
watercolor paper
Watercolor paint
Flat 2″-4″ paint brushes and fan-shaped watercolor brushes
Paper towels
Pencil and Hard or kneaded eraser

NOTE: We will start inside, but will be going outside if the weather permits. We will be splashing paint. Because we have less than two hours to complete a painting, you may want to prepare ahead. If so, please do the following: Attach watercolor paper/board to a hard art board or heavy cardboard with painters blue tape. Mask chosen areas of your watercolor board or paper to be protected from splattered paint. Use artist/painter’s tape to mask geometric or other shapes such as trees/flowers/animals and/or create straight edges. Apply masking fluid/rubber cement with a stiff masking brush to cover other details and areas of the surface which are to remain clean from the splatter. Allow masking fluid to dry. If the weather takes us inside, please bring a medium sized
cardboard box that will accommodate the size of watercolor paper/tablet you bring.

Artist Bio & Artist Statement: Julie Lemons
Julie’s art experience began with the help of her mother as she taught her how to color within the
lines when she was two and helped her paint her first oil painting when she was three. Encouraging others in art is important to Julie. Being involved in local galleries, the Lincoln Artists’ Guild (past president), the Association of Nebraska Art Clubs (past president), and designing graphics for over 30 years help to keep her imagination alive. She currently work as a graphic designer for Lincoln Public Schools (18+ years). Her work has been shown in the Nebraska Governor’s Resident and sold across the U.S.A./Europe/Argentina. Julie is a new author of an instructional art book, “Naturally Wild: How to Paint Animals Using Pastels.” She recently illustrated two other books, “Eliza the Pig” by Author Alexandra McClanahan (NE) and “On Target: Adventurous Annie Oakley” by Charlotte
Endorf (NE). She is working on illustrations for three more books. www.artbyjulielemons.com http://bookstore.trafford.com/Products  /SKU-000920380/Naturally-Wild.aspx

YOU ARE INVITED Lincoln Artists' Guild Fourth Friday JUNE 24th from 5:00pm to 8:00 pm Out of the Box, 366 N. 48th ST. Lincoln, NE. * Lower Level Entrance.

FEATURED ARTISTS: LISA CASSEL, Exciting variety of styles and media. MUSIC BY: Don Eveland, fascinating musician who plays a variety of instruments. 

Join us, & plunge into summer surrounded by over 100 pieces of refreshing original artwork. Our member artists offer a wide range of tempting artwork available for sale. Explore the gallery & discover new items everywhere you turn, eventually finding just the right piece of original art that speaks to your heart. Web Site:http://www.lincolnartistsguild.org Phone: 402-488-0388 Thank You for supporting local artists!! Feel free to share this invitation with friends, family and art lovers!

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