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Lincoln Artists’ Guild Officers 

President – Carmen Stineman
Vice President - Lisa Cassel
2nd Vice President - Janet Fraley
Secretary – Julie A. Childers
Treasurer – Ethel Mount
Advisors - Jan Blank, Donna Pozehl

Gallery Committee - Rita Holland, Frosty Chapman, Donna Pozehl,
                                Janet Fraley, Jane Chesnut, Will Rennick
Membership Committee --Kristine Brennan
Program Committee --  Wanda Medina, Joyce Jacobs,
Workshop & Outing Committee -- Joy Frame, Donna Justens, Jan Blank
ANAC Coordinator -- Carmen Stineman
Newsletter -- Joel Brehm,Carmen Stineman, Ted Pardy
Mailing & Printing Newsletters for those without email -- Jan Spale
Publicity -- Jane Chesnut, Julie A. Childers
Website Designer / Manager -- Lenn Marshall
Calling Committee -- Myrna Schmid, Merry Ford, Barb Carlson, Rita Holland
Facebook Designer -- Jane Chesnut
Graphics -- Lenn Marshall, Lisa Cassel
New Year's Party -- Carmen Stineman
Event Reminder -- Joy Frame
Historian -- Lisa Cassel
Greeter -- Julie Ralston
Refreshments --Julie Ralston
Shows: ANAC Pre-Qualifying Show (March) Jan Blank, Donna Pozehl,
            Spring Show (May) Lisa Cassel,
            Fall Show (November --Lisa Cassel
            Seward Show (June & July) -- Joyce Jacobs,
            3-D Show - Donna Pozehl

Some of Our Members' Websites:

Joel Brehm - Oil, Charcoal, Pencil, Digital
Julie Lemons - Pastel, Watercolor 
Julie A. Childers  - Acrylic, Mixed Media
Linda Stephen - Origami Collage, 3D Paper Sculpture, Jewelry, Fiber Arts, Mixed Media, Sculpture
Lisa Cassel - Graphite, Charcoal, Pastel, Colored Pencil, Pen & Ink, Acrylic, Oil and Watercolor
Lenn Marshall  - Airbrush, Pen & Ink, Screen Printing